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The Virtual Pew News 23, Merry Christmas

It is that time of year when most ministries are soliciting donations. A few of those donations have come into The Virtual Pew and I want you to know we are so grateful for those. We want to be clear though, from the outset, that even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference to this ministry. For those that know this ministry, you know we allow specific designations where those designated gifts can go directly to the area of need you request. Those individuals will also know that we make every effort with the contributions to make the Christmas season a special season especially for children in need, more about that later, but first a quick break down of contributions over the last year.

So far over the last year The Virtual Pew received in contributions a total of $5,502. Of that, $3,420 went out to direct ministry, including gifts to children, assistance in living expenses for individuals, counseling expenses and more. We also received $350 in contributions to The Virtual Pew for the Mosaic ARC program of that, 100% was given to Mosaic to help cover expenses for the Mosaic ARC program as well as contribution of salary to another individual who is helping with the counseling for Mosaic ARC. Therefore of a total of $5,502 given to The Virtual Pew, $3,770 went to direct ministry, and $1,732 was used for expenses to travel to Tennessee for my mothers funeral, and other ministry related expenses such as printing, travel, phone and so forth. Hopefully this helps show the significance of the contributions given, and the reality that the overwhelming majority of contributions are given out to direct ministry.

Now as mentioned earlier you can designate gifts and those designated gifts will be used for the ministry request via 100%.

Christmas Giving for Families and Children, 100% of designated goes specifically to the area you request.

Here we have adopted several families to give to, with the economy the way it is, it is very difficult for some families.

Let me tell you about one of the families, one is a lady who has had a very difficult life including being prostituted out in the past, having 3 small children and very little income. This family is active in a church and is making the effort to walk with God. This family also had a child commit suicide several years ago. For this family we need the following types of gifts.

For the mother – clothing sized extra-large, basic gifts.
For the husband – Clothing, large, - extra large, basic gifts
Boy Aged 6 - clothing for a husky sized 10, toys, this child likes army related toys.
Boy Aged 3 – clothing sized 4 toddler, toys, this child likes sports related items, trucks, cars
Girl Aged 5 – clothing sized 6, she likes princess related items and baby dolls.

Another family

Girl Aged 3 – clothing sized 4 toddler, a coat, boots size 11, any other clothing items, likes interactive games and puzzles
Boy Aged 2 – he likes push and pull toys and toys you put things in. This child also likes music

Another family
Boy Aged 14 – Clothing Adult small, all kinds of clothing, he also likes cars and artistic types of gifts, including drawing, art and more.

Kids involved in Mosaic Tutoring program, we are looking for one gift per child, either clothing or learning related.

Ages of children in tutoring program are as follows:

16 year old boy
13 year old boy
10 year old boy
10 year old girl
7 year old girl

We are also seeking donations and contributions for the Mosaic ARC program which we help sponsor. The Mosaic ARC program is a program that provides recovery services for persons who have been physically and sexually abused. These services are provided despite ability to contribute for services. Currently we are seeing 3 people face o face, and provide phone counseling to 2 people. There are ongoing costs to this and 100% of designated gifts go directly to Mosaic.

General Contributions to The Virtual Pew. The Virtual Pew has ongoing costs associated with this ministry, from computer and web site maintenance, to supplies for the persons we are serving, costs of materials, printing, and minimal salary assistance. This ministry was featured last year in Dr. Charles Stanley’s In Touch Magazine and has done wonderful work with literally hundreds of direct contacts per year, and thousands of contacts via internet ministry. From our writings to our direct communication and interaction in social networking sites this ministry continues to grow.

Much is going on with our ministry, so much has happened in the last year, from the death of my mother, to the involvement with Tiroma Films out of Tulsa Oklahoma who is working on making a movie on my life. I am pleased with the things God has done, but nothing gives satisfaction like the daily interactions I am blessed to be a part of. From the counseling of sexually and physically abused individuals, to the encouragement in escaping sinful lifestyles and making the effort to get ones life back on track, free from such influences as drugs, gangs, abuse, sexual addictions, occult activity and more. We are also excited about the new ways we are opening up discussion with others who are outside the Christian circle, whether with individuals who are Atheists, Homosexual, or others.

God is still good, and we continue to see ministry take place. We see relationships strengthened, and people rededicate their lives to Christ on a regular basis. We also have the joy of seeing people make commitments to Christ, not just in a flash pan way though, but in a way where disciples and committed followers of Jesus come about.

I thank each of you who are receiving this for your prayers and support of this ministry in the past. The next year looks to have another bright future but will also have additional needs, especially once we start raising the funds for the movie which will provide hope to thousands who have experienced abuse in their life. I get to see the joy of the ministry, others have been blessed to also see the results of this ministry, ministry which wouldn’t take place outside of your generosity.

Now as is always the case. I appreciate the gifts, but want you to know, if you pray and feel the desire to give to another ministry, by all means do so. I have no problem with that, but truly seek to contribute to a ministry where your contribution will be used wisely and in the way it is needed. At The Virtual Pew of course we don’t have to maintain any jet airplanes, we don’t have to pay any large salaries, that is unless you figure the $700 or so in salary that I personally brought in last year a large salary. But pray about it, I challenge you to remember those Jesus instructed us to love and serve, the homeless, the widow, the person in prison, the sick, the needy, the orphan and the widow. While I am sure Jesus may be in many larger ministries, I am certain he is concerned and compassionate about ministries to the poor, his word indicates so, and I challenge you to support those ministries.

Blessings to all, and to all a very Merry and Wonderful Christmas,

Mike Furches

The following is a video we put together for my wife. It is the song titled The Secret of Christmas. It also features some old family footage and some we have spent Christmas with over the years who otherwise wouldn't have had Christmas. The song is in the middle of the video and has a great message. Just click on the video to watch and if the video don't appear, click on the following link:

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