Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa for Hire

Mike as Santa has been featured in the Wichita Eagle and on a nationally televised Wichita State University and University of Tennessee Basketball game was called the "Best Looking Santa and Suit I have ever seen" by national ESPN broadcasters.

Prices go up the closer you get to Christmas but Mike is also available for the 1 man play, The Real St. Nick & Jesus which looks at the history of what is known as the Coke a Cola Santa as well as the historic history of the real St. Nicholas.  Prices for the performance varies. 

Mike has also been the "Official Santa" Of various sports teams in the Wichita area.

His photo of the Snow Globe Santa has also reached and touched people around the world.

When booking a Santa for your event, the old adage is true, ‘You Get What You Pay For.’ Mike Furches is someone you will feel safe with around your children, in your business, home and around your loved ones. There are reasons for that though, just consider the following:

Mike Furches is:
Qualified Mental Health Professiona
Qualified Case Manager
A Mandated Reporter 
Licensed & Ordained Minister
 Nationally recognized and Known for his work advocating for the Abused
 Pastor of a Local Church
Former Member of a Presidential Task Force
The Leader in a Nationally Known Ministry
Director of Wichita Homeless Outreach
Much More

His experience includes:
30+ Years of Experience
Author of Original Play on the life of the Real St. Nick
Hundreds of hours of research on the Real St, Nick and legend of Santa Claus
Avon National Convention
The Biltmore House, (The largest privately owned residence in the United States)
Dillon’s Grocery Stores
Sysco National Headquarters
 Wichita Public Schools
Derby Public Schools
Rainbows United
Santa for the Homeless
Much More

Special unique features of Mike Furches presentation:
The suit, it is an original made high quality suit 

While it may not seem like a unique feature, consider this, Mike is a trained actor and plays up the role when visiting with children

He is also a trained worker with youth, he knows when and how to make children smile and especially for small children who are afraid of Santa, while he can’t guarantee the happiness of a child, he can promise to work at getting that photo opportunity.

For many presentations he travels with an elf which makes the job easier for you.

 He can also speak in sign language for those children or parents who need this. 

Many adults who have seen Mike have stated, “He really is Santa isn’t he.”

Mike Loves this Character, he really does have a passion to portray the real spirit of St. Nicholas.
Much More

The truth is, Mike Furches loves the character of Santa and a portion of all monies earned go directly to providing Christmas presents for needy families in the area through Mosaic Wichita Church in cooperation with the Nationally Recognized and Known Ministry Mike Directs, The Virtual Pew. A portion also goes to support the homeless outreach for Mosaic. One can find out more about Mike by visiting

Rates for Mike Furches are as follows:

Prior to 12/1 - $60 per hour
12/1 – 12/5 - $70 per hour
12/6 – 12/20 - $75 per hour
12/21  - $150 per hour
12/22, 12/23 - $150
12/24 - $200 per hour

Please note, hourly charges are billed for any time over 30 minutes and payment is due at time of services. Mike does offer some services for reduced or free fees to non-profit and charity events.

For information on booking Santa for your event, contact us at either or 316-807-8034 or 316 258- 3952, (if calling this number please leave a message.)

To Read About Santa's Visit with the Homeless in Wichita, Click Here.

You can support the work of Mike with the homeless and poor by visiting here, 100% of all designated gifts go to the designated cause, with 0% of those designated funds going to salary.

To see the video with Mike in the National Santa for the Homeless Day, a worldwide outreach started by Mike, click on the following video, if the video doesn't appear, click on the link:

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