Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Virtual Pew News 19 - Reflections

I know it has been a while since the last newsletter but I also know many understand. I hope each person receiving this has signed up for The Virtual Pew updates and the Mosaic Church updates. You can do that by subscribing to various lists on the Newsletter page at our home page, You can tell a lot about what has been going on by making sure you subscribe to all of the blogs and article RSS feeds. There are links to do those things at each of the posted articles. Now on to the newsletter update titled, Reflections.

Today I want to reflect on the ministry I have with The Virtual Pew and Mosaic Church. One has to understand what drives me. I don’t know how better to explain that than to state some things I have been reflecting on lately.

I have been doing a lot of reading, a good thing; it means I am back in the gym. I have finished 4 books so far and am now reading another book by Creston Mapes, titled Nobody. I started reading it sometime ago but things got hectic, so 2 days ago I started it over. I am amazed at how similar things have been that I have been reading lately. It seems as if there is a lot of emphasis on helping the poor, the homeless, the downtrodden and so forth. Those things were illustrated to me today as I sat down and willingly and intentionally gave a homeless guy my absolute last $2. I concluded 3 weeks ago that I was going to do this after a Bible Study I was doing with Mosaic Church here in Wichita. Today, I practiced that concept, giving to the point of sacrifice, unconditionally to someone in need.

It seems as if finance has always been an issue. I grew up without money, have had to work for what I do have. I know in fact, because some have let me know, they take issue with the fact that as a ministry I ask for financial support. Some have been outspoken in public ways, not realizing the work and effort that goes out, or simply not caring, unfortunately this is an attitude that many have, and they simply don’t care about the poor and needy. Growing up poor, pride was a big issue; truth is, in some ways it still is. I actually hate asking for financial help, but it must be done.

I was talking to my wife last night; I don’t know if folks realize how hard I actually work in ministry. Just this week, I have been there to help encourage a girl going through abuse issues at home, a young man who is feeling rejected and left out, another who faces the certainty of becoming homeless, and yet another lady who feels rejected and abandoned, seemingly having no friends or people around her who understand. Believe me, I wish it were not so, but this is only a sampling of the work this week. These types of ministry, encouragement, love and so forth takes time, yet little income comes in. I don’t complain about that, it seems as if God always provides a way. I take some honor and am grateful in knowing some people give because they believe and know what we are doing.

While I haven’t “officially” taken a “vow of poverty,” it seems like that is par for the course. I am reminded; this is God’s work, not mine. Being a college graduate with graduate studies, and former executive experience, having made decent money, I know what I have given up to do this work, that said, when someone tells me, “Thank you, I don’t know what I would have done without you Mike.” Or, “Mike I really believe you have brought me closer to God.” I know that what I do can’t have a value placed on it. I also know, I am not doing this alone, each person who has helped, has helped me do this work.

I also know that sometimes people make promises, then for whatever reason, they realize they can’t follow through. I am okay with that but I do ask folks to prayerfully take seriously the commitments they make. I had numerous people who promised some level of help around Christmas when I went to visit my mother in the hospital. For a larger ministry, these things likely don’t matter, for a ministry like The Virtual Pew, it matters a great deal.

Right now, The Virtual Pew has $8 in our account, I don’t get paid from Mosaic until the last day of this month, and so far this month, The Virtual Pew has had nothing come in. In the next month, there is much ministry that needs to be done, for me to meet my basic financial obligations I need at least $300 a month to come into The Virtual Pew, for additional ministry, we need more than that. There are these needs plus the desire to spend more time with my mom in Tennessee in March, for that to take place, I need an additional $300-$500 to come in.

Many of us are only a few weeks away from being homeless. We live in a time where finances are tough, but if people gave $5 here, or $10 there, a huge difference could be made. I’m not talking specifically about The Virtual Pew, but various local ministries. My challenge is that each recipient of this newsletter would give money to smaller ministries that need it, maybe a local homeless shelter, half way house, maybe a home for battered women, any number of areas that signify you care for The Lost, The Last and The Least.

All of this said I feel great! I don’t make what I used to, but you really can’t pay to see the things I have seen happen. The great thing about it though, is each of you can take part in ministry. You can make a difference in the life of someone who needs it. I remember the words of the late Keith Green, “God wants you!”

At Mosaic, we are facing the same crunch other non profit groups and churches are. We really want to partner with local churches in the Wichita area; we need 10 people who can come on board at Mosaic that is spiritually grounded and mature enough to help lead a church to the place where we can make a difference. If living locally I ask you to consider Mosaic, if a pastor of a church, please consider letting me come and speak to your congregation about our needs and the ways you can help. God calls churches to plant other churches, this is a way you can be a part of that calling. While the additional money would be nice, 10 mature adults who can take part in our life, body, church and contribute in service and tithes or offerings would be great.

At Mosaic, we are discussing the vision and mission of Mosaic. Next week we are speaking about the ministry vision for the near future. We want to minister to our area, and in the near future we will be exploring ways to have direct ministry to the community.

The bottom line, I do love and appreciate the opportunity to minister to the folks at The Virtual Pew and I greatly love and am honored to serve Mosaic Church. I love and value each of you and appreciate your prayers and financial support to this ministry. God bless you, and God bless the work of The Virtual Pew and Mosaic.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mosaic Wichita

Prior to the basic updates, I want to remind everyone, you can visit the web site, to see and hear all of the bands that are coming to the church. We have had various people check out the MySpace page and our regular web page at It is nice to know that people are noticing. We have a number of things going on, including the new "Cluck Cluck" ministry. It is amazing at how people in the surrounding areas have supported this concept up to this point. We hope that this little ministry can be something that not only brings us together, but has us helping out those we know in the community who may be doing without.

Here are some upcoming Mosaic Events for the week starting for tonight.

Tonight, Wednesday, March 18, 2009 several things are going on at Mosaic.

Bob Harrell has completed the one sign for the church and he will be there at 6 PM this evening to hang the sign. We will need some help for that and anyone wanting to help with this, please show up.

Also tonight at 6 – 7 PM will be worship practice. Anyone wanting to show up for that should be there promptly, and ready to go at 6 PM or as soon thereafter as possible.

Tonight at 7 PM – 8 PM Bible Study, we will be going through John 5. We have been pretty good with this study, not going over and staying focused. Bring your Bible if you have one, if you don’t we have one available.

Thursday 6:30 PM At Pastor Mike’s House at 5410 Annapolis Avenue, Clearwater 67027 (620-545-7029. This is new but we will be having our chicks, chickens, and turkeys arriving at the house on Thursday afternoon. For those taking part in the “Cluck Cluck Ministry” (Mary Jane’s Title) please be here to help get things finished up. We will also be setting up criteria for who wants to participate in providing feed, straw, and upkeep needs and initial cost of set up. Also as a part of this will be discussion as to who gets to participate in the initial distribution of eggs, and meat, and how we distribute meat and eggs to the poor.

Friday at 6:30 PM we will have Worship Team Practice and Broken Pieces Small Group. If interested in being a part of the worship experience come on out. We still need a solid Worship Leader who can work with me regarding the vision for Mosaic, this will include a focus on quality and contemporary or innovative worship aspects and techniques.

Sunday, Pot-Luck and Discussion and Decision making as to ministry for the poor and outreach efforts of Mosaic. We will be concluding the initial phase of the Contagious Christian series, prior to going on to teachings on becoming a Contagious Christian and living out your faith. In the meeting on Sunday, we will discuss various ministry options regarding getting ready to become a Contagious Church. We will discuss what specific 1st step we will be taking to get the church ready, and specifically the areas of ministry (2 of them to start) that we will start in order to provide ministry to the community. For those receiving this, note that we have noted the emphasis Jesus placed on ministry to the poor and needy. Jesus spoke over 200 times related to this, and in the Bible it addresses this need over 2,000 times. We want to be a church that follows the mandates of scripture.

Also beware that we will have a special speaker, Kasey Reusser on Sunday March 29. We want everyone to show up to come hear Kasey. He is a good friend and a loyal brother. He also believes in and is very aware of the ministry of Mosaic. Kasey is a Ministerial Student at Word of Life and I personally look forward to hearing him speak.

The following is the current calendar for the church regarding concerts and so forth. We encourage individuals to participate and note, not all concerts are “Christian” concerts. We believe in the concept of seed planting and it has been clear that this ministry has not only been an effective ministry to individuals but to the bands. We have several special needs in particular to some of the concerts to point out so please note those and indicate if you can help with these needs.

24 – The Great Transparency from – Columbus Ohio Free, Donations, let’s pack the house for these guys who needed a place to play and stay. We need a place for these guys to stay, and to provide them at least 1 meal, dinner, and possibly 2 meals, including the breakfast. While we could make this a camp out at the church if need be, a home would be great for the guys. If willing to donate a place to stay, or food, please let me know as soon as possible. Also invite all you know for this show, we will take up a collection to give the guys for their efforts.

3 – Friday, First Friday with Jeremiah Foundation Free Donations Go To The Band This could be a big event, Jason has been sick so let’s let him know how much we appreciate him by showing up for this concert. Also we need someone willing to provide drinks and a meal for these guys, pizza or anything like that would be great. This is also a donation show. Jason has given so much to Mosaic, let’s be there to give back to him.

23 – Thursday, Stars Go Dim, (Formerly Pillar), Special Guests Lost Colors formerly Mile Marker 128, 8 PM $10 and This is going to be a great concert. We will need food for the bands, plus lot’s of help. I will ask for 5 people, 2 to help set up, and security, 1 ticket keeper, 1 concession stand, 1 person in charge of food and drink for the bands.

1 – Friday, First Friday, Hip Hop Show with Lippin Off, Opening will be Rap Artist Kingstum $5 This is another big 1st Friday event, and is not a Christian concert. This will be our first Hip Hop show as we try to reach out to various communities. We need people who can be here to serve, also provide meals, drinks, and basic help such as tickets, concessions. I would even ask that for the 1st Friday events we consider having alternative forms of outreach available during this time.

28 – Thursday, Harder to Fall, 8 PM $5 This is a hardcore show where we will need a place for the guys to stay, plus meals and drinks for them.

2 – Tuesday, Hardcore show with, A Fall To Rewind and Show Me The Sky 8 PM, $8 From Colorado We will need the basics and food for these two bands on this night. It should be a great show, and as with groups like this, it would be nice to be able to offer them a place to stay

19, Friday, Shel, 8 PM $6 from Colorado and This is a show that is already getting some talk from individuals in the community. This all female band is tremendous and has been receiving rave reviews. They are in town for several shows. We are looking for other venues for them to play at and places to stay, and help feeding them while they are here. They will be here for the entire week.

We are also looking at the following and request you to look at this information:

We are wanting to do A Festival for the Homeless in Wichita, see ideas and thoughts below:

June 20 – 24 (Shel is Still available) Homeless Festival on one of the following days. I am looking at possibly Sunday June 21 for the festival to take advantage of Shel and other bands in the area. Hopefully we can get a location near midtown or Oldtown for the event.

We will be talking more about this on Sunday, and then we will be making the final decision regarding the event. It is an event I believe we can work with various mid-town locations and churches in the area to help out at. We want it to be not only an event for the homeless, but one that provides information as to services, but also provides services such as providing socks, washing and massaging feet or back massages, washing or cutting hair, things of that nature.