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To all of my Mosaic and The Virtual Pew Friends and Family, time for the weekly update; please note this is going out as a national newsletter due to the needs of our new Tutoring program and Mosaic ARC, Abuse Recovery Program. Please read all of the way through as a movie link is attached and one I would encourage everyone to watch.

First to dispel a rumor I heard last week, yes there is a camping trip for Mosaic to Fall River. Some of us are leaving on Friday, and we won’t be back until Sunday evening. Of course if anyone wants to come at this late notice, that is perfectly fine and you are welcome. Some have suggested possibly coming down for a single day, Saturday, of course, that is also welcome. Now the big rumor I heard, someone said we were not going to have church on Sunday that simply is not true, we are going to actually going to be having church, albeit limited at Fall River, and we are also going to be having church at Mosaic. There will be a time of worship and sharing just as always. We have the tag Chris tag team taking on the responsibility and blessing of doing this, so, please, if not on the camping trip show up, enjoy and worship.

A few other things to make mention of, don’t forget; On Wednesday, we have tutoring classes from 4:30 – 5:30 and will be sticking around a little before and after to do some community outreach and painting in the ARC room. We want to complete this room, have it up and going by October 1. We still need to furnish the room and the following is some things we need in order to fully furnish the facility.

For the reception area:

Television Stand
Television (we have priced several flat screens which would be optimal, with a built in DVD player for between $300 for a 27” and $400 for a 32” at Wal-Mart. This is to go in the reception area and be for parents awaiting children in tutoring, or friends or family with individuals receiving counseling for the Mosaic Abuse Recovery Center.
Magazine Stand
Several appropriate magazine subscriptions
Book Case
Appropriate books
Wichita related art work

For the Mosaic Arc Office

Locking file cabinet
Computer desk
Computer with appropriate memory and appropriate larger screen to be used in other events where video can be used in counseling or teaching sessions, (computer needs a DVD/CD player)
Appropriate computer speakers
Computer 3 in 1 printer
2 comfortable nice matching chairs
1 nice office chair
1 matching love seat
Larger book shelves
Appropriate books & Videos related to abuse, recovery, so forth
Appropriate lighthouse art work, or art work emphasizing recovery.
1 nice floor lamp
Journaling note books to be given to individual receiving recovery services

The above services for Mosaic ARC officially begins October 1, so the sooner we receive these items the better. We are currently getting ready to paint the room and are soliciting donations. We are also seeing our first person and have had requests for further meetings in the future. Currently Debbie Elwood nor I receive any salary for this work which is provided on an as you can pay basis. Contributions to support this service are greatly appreciated. How important is this service, I want to leave a link for you to watch a documentary movie; Searching for Angela Shelton. We will be using this documentary and resources to help out with our program. An ironic bit of information, I went to school with one of the Angela Shelton’s in the movie from Erwin Tennessee, my wife’s hometown. I have been in contact with another Angela Shelton who is also from Erwin Tennessee and she was abused as well. To top it off, I have also received encouragement from the filmmaker, Angela Shelton in the documentary encouraging us in this service.

When watching the movie, I want you to notice the comment about how one individual couldn’t afford the services and therefore wouldn’t get the help. I am also going to include some quotes below the quote to insure you of the importance of this program, first though, the link to the movie where you can watch it for free.

Please note the stories have been edited and names have been withheld for obvious reasons.


I just wanted to write to you to let you know that I was sexually abused by my father who was an alcoholic. I got pregnant at the age of 14 (not by my father), had a son and when he was one and a half I found out he had leukemia. He only lived to be 5 and died in 1987. After that I started on a horrific journey of choosing man after man that was just like my father. They were all drunks, druggies, and very violent. My 2nd ex-husband nearly killed me, beating me and leaving me in a river. I have endured a lot of pain in my life. I became an alcoholic and was addicted to prescription pills. I had 2 more children, a son 21 & a daughter 23 now. I practically raised them alone. I tried to commit suicide 3 times in 2006 and thank God I didn't succeed. Then 2 years ago I was so depressed and lonely that God sent a wonderful man to my front door and invited me to church and I went, 4 months later we were married. I have been happily married and serving God every since. I thank God everyday for the life lessons He has taught me and the people He has sent into my life. I pray that if there are others out there, being abused, they will seek help and tell someone! I never told anyone, it has been a long road to recovery but I am getting there.

Please pray for me to continue on the right (God's) road to recovery. Thank You

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for responding to me and my spilling my guts to you. I had just finished watching the movie and was just very emotional because I could relate to so much.

I've not shared my abuse story with a lot of people because when I was growing up that was just something you didn't talk about. I have lived here in Erwin most of my life, I know there has been a lot of female abuse here in this town. Most men here are very jealous, controlling, and violent. They feel very insecure or threatened if they don't have full control over their girlfriend or wives. I guess it's all a trust issue. I think the work God has called you to do is great. I have always felt in my heart that if there is at least one person I have helped today in anyway then today has been a good day! I hope my story will give someone hope that there is help for them if they will just tell someone they are being abused. Anyway, thank you so much I hope we can keep in touch. God Bless you and your family and your ministry!

There are many more comments, but I just wanted to give a taste of things that are happening. There are also included 2 attachments, one a flyer for tutoring and the other for the Mosaic ARC program. I am asking you to copy and post those flyers at your work place, church or wherever. If there are those around the country that would like to specify a gift for these programs please feel free to do so, make the checks out to either Mosaic Wichita or The Virtual Pew and designate on the check that it is for either the ARC Program or Tutoring program. Your contribution will be tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

The following is the link to the film, Searching for Angela Shelton, just click on the link:

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