Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Virtual Pew News #18 The Future and Our Needs

This is an update from Mike Furches and The Virtual Pew to give you the status of our needs for the next year in regards to ministry support. For those unaware, I left employment with Youth Horizons for two primary reasons; one was health, the hours and lack of sleep greatly contributed to the downfall of my health and a doctor’s order that I either quit working at Youth Horizons or be dead in 5 years. The second was the need to direct more time to the needs of Mosaic Church where I am now serving as pastor. Mosaic needs a pastor who can dedicate himself to the needs of the body, especially in the early stages of the church and to the continued needs of its people.

I also realized the need to contribute more to the needs of The Virtual Pew. The Virtual Pew, our ongoing ministry including reviews, helping individuals in need, and more was less effective as a result of the additional time it was taking at Youth Horizons and the changing schedules which was occurring through out the last year.

Here is the bottom line, over the last year we at The Virtual Pew made several commitments we were not able to fullfill. We plan on fulfilling those commitments but need your help. Among these were our wrestling scholarships to individuals involved in the wrestling community. As most of you know this is a community we have had a dramatic impact on over the last several years. However, as a result of scheduling, training and so forth, we were able to give virtual no time to this ministry over the last year. For those involved in the wrestling community you know this to be true as you haven’t seen me around as much. Having to give approximately 50 – 60 hours a week made it difficult to do this, especially when trying to keep up the basic counseling responsibilities of The Virtual Pew and doing the work of a pastor at Mosaic. The radio shows from Hollywood Jesus and The Virtual Pew also took an unexpected back seat due to scheduling difficulties.

Here is the bottom line, year before last, when doing the ministry of The Virtual Pew, I was able to bring in between $17,500 and $20,000 in contributions. As this was my only income, with no benefits you can see this wasn’t much for the work we were doing. I was able to bring this much in though from soliciting help as well as speaking at various locations. This last year however our income was substantially less. Outside of the speaking obligations at Mosaic, speaking at other locations was virtually non existant.

This last year, The Virtual Pew brought in an estimated, $6,000 - $7,000, most all of that early on in the year. I was able to bring in from Youth Horizons $20,000, and from Mosaic, $3,600. The income from Mosaic and The Virtual Pew was not taxed andwill be taxed during tax season. I also received insurance benefits from Youth Horizons which was needed due to various medical conditions which came about during the year.

In the last 6 months for The Virtual Pew I have received approximately $1,000, and of that $300 went to direct ministry, in other words, helping someone else. That is something about The Virtual Pew that people need to realize, much of what we have raised in the past goes to direct ministry which has included things like, wrestling scholarships, benevolence or bill assistance, drug testing kits, meals and more for people who are in need. We want to continue those types of things but will not be able to without your help.

My schedule will now allow me to be involved more with the ministry needs of The Virtual Pew but even more time with Mosaic Church. Mosaic is a new church plant that has within the last 6 months, obtained our own space and is reaching out to individuals who seem to have at one time or another given up on church. One of the things I am going to be doing is working closely with churches from either a past association or church affiliation to try and garnish support both in bodies and in finance over the course of the next few years. In this process we have already started some work and should be receiving some help from the parent church organization. While this is greatly appreciated it is not enough to meet the needs of my family and is still short from what I had available in income over the course of the last year.

If looking at last year’s income, you will see I averaged approximately $2,500 per month. Of that $2,500, approximately $500 went to direct services to help others, and over the course of the last six months the amount coming in was $2,200 per month of which $500 went to contributios leaving a total of $1,700 per month for income. For this income I was working approximately 100 hours per week. With those hours you can easily see how I was sleep deprived and how that would have an impact on my health.

Starting December 1st I will only be working between 50 – 60 hours per week, giving me more time with my family and more time to divide between The Virtual Pew and Mosaic Church. While I am looking forward to less hours and more family time, I am in need of additional income from The Virtual Pew. Presently, from Mosaic, I am receiving $600 per month and this is the only income that I can depend on as support to The Virtual Pew is not consistant. I am hoping the income from Mosaic will soon go to $1,000 per month, but even if that takes place, there is still the need of an additional $500 per month. If you notice, this would still be a $200 reduction from what I received last year, while I could use the extra income, what I need and what I want are two different things. I would naturally like to at some point provide more for my family. I realize the sacrifice needed for ministry work and have made that sacrifice for most of my working life, my children, family and those close to me know that all to well.

Last year there were a number of one time gifts to The Virtual Pew, and some who made several contributions over the course of the year. I am at the point where we need that again but at the level of giving two years ago. Of the $500I need in contributions, $300 of that will go to monthly health insurance and a gym membership which I need in order to get my health under control. Hopefully the gym membership will provide the help I need to lower my medication needs, thus my monthly medical costs.

I could go on regarding the work of The Virtual Pew and Mosaic. I could quote numerous individuals who have been abused, former youth pastors seeking to rekindle their love for Christ, individuals with mental illnesses who need The Virtual Pew, or individuals who have given up on church and rekindled their faith as a result of the work of The Virtual Pew. A lot has taken place and despite the reduction in time to The Virtual Pew, ministry has still taken place.

Mosaic is another story. While I have only been there for the last 6 months, we continue to have visitors and are just now starting community projects with the intent to grow. We are starting our first small group this month, and between movie nights and concerts we are starting to let those in Wichita know about us. We have had a number of visitors familiar with The Virtual Pew and some of those have stuck. I need more time to visit with our members, to help impliment the vision of the church, and provide the services normally needed by a pastor.

I continue to believe there is a great deal of potential for this work, but this work won’t continue without your help. Mosaic and The Virtual Pew need additional income for me to continue in the capacity I have. I believe God will provide that and am hoping you are a part of that. I am more than willing to come to your organization or church to talk about the work of either The Virtual Pew or Mosaic. Just let me know and I will be glad to schedule that opportunity. You are also welcome to contribute to either the work of The Virtual Pew or Mosaic.

In making contributions there are several ways you can do so. If making a direct contribution to Mosaic Church you can give at the following address:

Mosaic Church
902 George Washington Blvd
Wichita KS 67211

If giving to The Virtual Pew:

The Virtual Pew
P.O. Box 17731
Wichita KS 67217

You can also give on line to The Virtual Pew at:


A note for contributions made to The Virtual Pew, not all donations are tax deductible, however, all contributions to Mosaic are tax deductible. The primary reason for that is The Virtual Pew is set up as a Religious Organization, not a 501 C3. Contact me further if you want your gift to be tax deductible, there are ways to see to it that your gift is designated for tax deductible reasons if giving to The Virtual Pew.

This next year is one I have to get back on track with regarding my health; your help will allow this to take place. I ask you to pray about the work that is done with so many people either face to face or on line via the internet. There is ministry taking place where individuals are being touched, many of those individuals understand of the needs of this ministry because their lives, or the lives of their friends have been touched. I could again use the testimony from numerous individuals who have stated the value of these two ministries.

In closing, I haven’t mentioned another need but wanted to do so. As most of you know, I have had a strained relationship with my mother for what I believe to be good reason. I have asked God that if possible to provide me the opportunity to try and bring about some resolve and healing between my mother and me. For those that know my story, you know that this in and of itself is a miracle. My mother has cancer in stage 3.5 and progressing and has recently had a stroke. I need to visit her while she is still alive, in fact, I have needed to do so for the last months but have not been able to due to not being able to take time off from Youth Horizons. I need your help in order to do this. I am taking a huge step of faith and going to see her during the Christmas Season. While I am doing this, let me emphasize, this is a huge step of faith as I don’t have the money to do so. I am doing this hoping money will come in in support of this need. I imagine that over the course of the next year I will likely have to make several trips due to her declining health. I could go into a lot more detail but will leave it at that for now. Many have helped on behalf of others in the past, whether for my wife and the death of her brother and sister, or for others needing help through the ministry of The Virtual Pew. This is a time I need some support and frankly don’t know if it will come through or not, but am starting out on the trip in the next 3 weeks, whether I have the finances or not. I know I will be able to get there, I don’t know if I will be able to get back. God will have to provide.

Thanks for praying for and supporting this ministry. Some have likely noticed that more is taking place with The Virtual Pew and Mosaic Church, that is the build up and excitement that has been taking place. It has been over a year since a letter like this came from The Virtual Pew, I hope you understand the need for this one.

God bless and know the future is bright,

Sincerely Yours,

Mike Furches

There are all kinds of ways you can take this video, it certainly is intended here to display not only the faith I have in God, but the faith I have in you to continue to support this ministry.

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