Friday, November 14, 2008

Mosaic & The Virtual Pew Update


This is intended as an update for Mosaic and The Virtual Pew. First let’s look at Mosaic.

A lot is going on at Mosaic as we continue to work on the series, Basics of the Faith. Be on the look out in the next 2 months of a effort to start reaching out on a more structured detailed level. I have resigned from Youth Horizons effective December 1 to dedicate myself full-time to Mosaic and The Virtual Pew. Both of these ministries have the same vision and will blend together quite nicely while giving me the time to do the work needed.

As a part of the outreach and ministry of Mosaic, this weekend, on Saturday November 15 we will be hosting the film, Invisible Children at 7 PM. This riveting documentary has been highly acclaimed and addresses serious issues involving war and children. The showing is free and is recommended for Mature Audiences only. There will be refreshments available at the movie.

Also this week we will have church on Sunday where we start at 10:00 AM. This Sunday we will look at Worship as the theme will be Becoming As A Child. There will be a Bible Study on Wednesday at 7 PM and on Friday, November 21 is a concert featuring: Vehicles, Urban John, and The Jeremiah Foundation. The concert will start at 8 PM and there is a suggested donation of $5. We will offer a 3 for 2 admissions that is where 3 people coming together can get in for $10, and if you are having trouble with finance, give what you can afford to get in. This should be a fun time for everyone that attends.

We also need to let everyone know that is a part of Mosaic of a new item on the calendar that is rather important. On Sunday, November 23 we will be having a pot-luck dinner along with a business meeting for the church. We will be looking at better ways to reach out and expand the future of Mosaic. We encourage everyone that is a part of Mosaic to be there, and that we also want you to know, if possible, bring enough food for your family plus 2. That way we can cover meals for everyone in attendance. Of course, as to what to bring, bring whatever you would normally eat, if pork n beans, bring pork n beans, if it is t-bone steak, make sure you put one back for me.

I will post the mosaic calendar at the conclusion of this posting.

Now as to The Virtual Pew, a lot going on and be on the look out in the next week regarding exciting news with The Virtual Pew and the things that are going on there. One thing that I will mention here is the attempt to use sermons from Mosaic to post in the weekly sermon listings at the web site, Those postings will resemble a cyber church service complete with worship. This last weeks posting is already up and the online sermons have been getting good reviews.

Myself and The Virtual Pew also received international recognition during the elections. Being interviewed by several international media groups including The Daily Telegraph in London and The Canadian Free Press, I was able to talk about the ministry of The Virtual Pew and the role of the religious community in the last United States Election. Those articles and more are available by checking out the postings at The Virtual Pew.

A lot is going on, between The Virtual Pew and Mosaic Church I am blessed to see people touched on a daily basis, whether the abused, the drug addict, the seeker, or the person having terrific financial difficulty, I am honored to see God work.

Now as promised, that calendar for activities at Mosaic, and be on the look out in the next week or two regarding the changes in why I have left Youth Horizons, and what is in store for the future.

Every Wednesday 7:00 PM Bible Study
Every Sunday 10:00 AM Worship (Child Care and classes are offered)

15 – Saturday Movie, Night, The Invisible Children – 7 PM
21 – Friday, Jeremiah Project in Concert – 8 PM - $5
22 – Saturday Movie Night, Enchanted – 7 PM (free)
23 – Sunday, Pot-Luck Business Meeting - RAC
27 – Thursday, Thanksgiving at Pastor Mike’s 2 –? PM (Advance reservations required prior to November 24)
29 – Saturday, Movie Night, Wichita Premiere of Lonnie Frisbee, The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher – 7:00 PM (free)

12 – Friday, Wur’ship Project Concert – 7 PM - $7
17 – Wednesday, Start up of Small Group “Pilot Group” - 6:30 PM
19 – Friday, Mary Jane Furches Christmas Concert (Love Offering)
21 – Sunday, The Real St. Nick & Jesus Play – 10:00 AM

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