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Christmas & Movie Needs For Mike And The Virtual Pew

In the past The Virtual Pew has requested funds. We are at the place again that we need your support. It is the end of the year and there are a number of ways you can make a tax deductible contribution to this ministry if you wish. You can do so by either designating your gift to The Virtual Pew as a benevolence gift, or specific gift to assist others or by making a designated contribution to The Virtual Pew through the ministry of Mosaic Church.

Here is the immediate need. As most know I am asking for personal help in regards to being able to visit my mother in Tennessee during Christmas. I am no longer receiving a check from Youth Horizons and while I have provided for my family through December, including Christmas, we did not expect to have to make the trip to Tennessee. I and my family have lived on faith, from month to month for some time; we don’t have extra finances for this. While some have been critical of some of the gifts given to my son, for example he was given 2 years ago a stereo for his car; those are things others have provided. You have been faithful in the past in helping others with needs of this type such as help for my wife to go visit her brother and sister prior to their death from cancer, as well as others who had requested I participate in the funeral of a mother or loved one. Let me explain my immediate need.

My mother has entered in the last month’s stage 4 of cancer. She has cancer in her throat, and lungs and it appears as if the cancer is terminal. My mother and I have never really been close yet she is still the person who gave birth to me, and she has in fact lived a difficult and hard life. I would hope to know the love of a mother for only a brief period of time as opposed to never knowing of this type of relationship in my life. I do not know of my mothers relationship with God but I know that despite the things that were done to me as a child, I have an obligation so show respect and forgive. For those knowing my story in detail, you know how important the concept of forgiveness is. I want my mother to know that I forgive her for the things she did to me as a child. I wanted to visit my mother some months ago, but was not able to do so for various reasons. I won’t go into those as I don’t want anyone to misunderstand my true feelings and intentions towards the reasons I was not able to go.

About two and a half months ago I realized I would be leaving my position at Youth Horizons. About a month ago, I presented to my mother and sister, who is taking care of her now, one of two options. I could leave immediately after my 1st day away from Youth Horizons and come spend a little over 2 weeks or as long as I needed with her, or I could come the first day after my wife and son’s Christmas break from school, December 20 and spend about 10 days with her. My mother chose to have my wife, son and I come visit her during Christmas. My daughter just spent some time with her in November when she took some vacation time with her husband. My daughter, Marathana, will not be going with us during Christmas. We as a family won’t celebrate Christmas until we return from Tennessee.

The reality is, we don’t have the funds to go, but we are going nonetheless. We likely have enough to get there, but will be far stretched to care for ourselves while there, and then come back. We are in need of somewhere between $300 and $500 as a minimum to make this trip. We will be staying at an uncle’s trailer while there; he is currently in South East Asia taking care of some of his family business. This is at minimum of a 2 day drive and there are other ways people can help a place to stay along the way, a place to speak to earn income, those types of things would be of great help. Places either along the way, or way back would include any place in Tennessee along the I 40 corridors between Memphis and Nashville in particular would be of great help. We will be leaving her on the evening of the 19th, likely drive through the night, and returning on December 29 or 30, leaving Johnson City Tennessee, (upper east corner of the state) early in the morning. The drive is approximately 1,100 – 1,250 miles. There is an alternate route we can take that would involve needing some lodging between St Louis MO, to I 57 to I 24 through Kentucky into Nashville Tennessee. Of course we would love to have the opportunity to meet many of the friends of either myself, wife, or The Virtual Pew along the way. We would even love the opportunity to share about our ministry, speak in a church or group of some sort, and even just spend time with friends. Getting to see folks we have been blessed to get to know is also important to us. This would include any along the routes listed above, Western North Carolina and/or South Carolina. Now for clarification the two route options includes 1) from Wichita Kansas to Tulsa, Tulsa to I 40 and then East Through Arkansas, Memphis, Nashville, Tri Cities. The other option 2) would have us going from Wichita to Kansas City, Kansas City to St. Louis, St. Louis to Paducah, Paducah KY to Nashville, Nashville to Tri Cities. We are open to going one way, coming back another depending on the help we get from friends along the way, or possible speaking engagements along the way.

There are various ways you can give, one is to send a check made payable to The Virtual Pew to P.O. Box 17731, Wichita Ks 67217. You may also send a check to our personal address at 5410 Annapolis Avenue, Clearwater KS 67026. If wanting to send a check to Mosaic Church to be designated to help you can do so by sending it to Mosaic Church, 902 George Washington Blvd, Wichita KS 67211. You may also give on line through pay pal, note we do incur a cost for this donation but it is quick and instant. The url to make that donation is located at

Now please understand there are many ways you can help here, a place to stay, a gift in any amount, prayer and more. I truly value the concept of every gift being of value. There is one other thing you can do to help out if you choose.

While in Johnson City, along the way, and even here in parts of Kansas, I am starting filming of my story The Keystone Kid in the locations where the story took place. This will be done in documentary format using a 2 camera shoot. For everyone who wants to contribute to this cause, any gift in the amount of $50 or more will get you listed in the credits as a contributor. One can take on the Honorary Producer Rights for $5,000. This will help insure that the final product is of best possible quality. It is estimated that the final product will be between 1 hour and 30 minutes and 2 hours in length. I am also seeking music for this production with video rights. I estimate the total cost, including time for this production, will range from $10,000 to $20,000. I could easily spend substantially more for this, but realize that those costs may be prohibitive. For every gift of $50 or more, we will also send a copy of the DVD once it is complete. Filming for this project has already started.

In closing, while I am now a full-time pastor at Mosaic, and with The Virtual Pew, the only guaranteed income is through Mosaic, which is currently $600 a month. There is hope that will go up to $1,000 a month but even then, no housing expenses, I have to pay taxes, travel and more. Think about it, $12,000 a year, plus doing the ministry of The Virtual Pew. It is why the contributions to The Virtual Pew or salary designations through Mosaic are so important. I have never asked for more than I need but have been blessed with what others have given. I want to assure you, that there are still the designated ministries of The Virtual Pew that provide direct services to individuals, whether help with phone bills, help with food, electricity, and so much more. The ongoing support to The Virtual Pew as well as ongoing speaking opportunities at both Christian and non Christian events is also important. From testimonial salvation messages to messages of hope to non faith events are available and you can see those by checking out The Virtual Pew web site or by contacting me. You can also email to obtain information. These events are available not just in the Midwest, but around the world.

I value and appreciate you, I hope you know that. I know God has used many of you to bless this ministry in the past. It is a blast seeing it get back on track, including the new postings of weekly online sermons. As a result an upcoming article in Dr. Charles Stanley’s “ In Touch” magazine is coming out. There is also the comments of many dear friends that have seen the benefits of this ministry. I was touched recently in some of the responses that came in for the In Touch Article that is coming out. I will include those at the conclusion of this post but I want you to know, my hope is that in all things glory comes to Christ. Now to see what is going on with The Virtual Pew check out some of the recent posts. In the last months, I have been interviewed by media across the world regarding various positions, from The Guardian in London, The London Daily Telegraph, The Canadian Free Press, and many more. The Virtual Pew is back on track, full force. The marriage between our Vision and Mosaic Church is exciting. We still need your help, and know that it is greatly appreciated.

Now some of those quotes:

The Virtual Pew is always a stimulating read because it integrates a Christian worldview on culture...often rather controversial films and artisans...but does so in a welcoming, curious way. Many of its readers are folks who are outside of the evangelical mainstream, and are welcome to contribute their thoughts. In many cases the comments section is as intriguing as the text because of the stimulating give-and-take between participants that is kept respectful by Mike Furchess' attitude that everyone is worth hearing out.

Mark Hollingsworth ~ Nashville TN ~ Compassion International

Hello my name is Mary Ellen, I was on my space for a short time a few years ago and I prayed I could help others who spend so much time on the computer. Many do not go to church and many have been to church that still needed love and concern. I realized my gift for God in the helps dept. and so writing, poetry, praying and storytelling would be a start for Mike and God. Real friendship started and thus Virtual Pew was new and so I tried to be creative and the fun began! I was amazed our prayer and just a few care ideas have grown for the Virtual Pew and how it has changed and transformed for many, many out there who read it and seeds of love have prospered for a needing, hurt, dry world and it has shown me ALL matter to our Father and he has so much love for all no matter what and Mike is a GREAT soul winner and truly he and his family exemplify Christ in a BIG way he is -a spiritual Daddy for many once again. He has been thru many trials and still climbs thru like a royal soldier-(possibly a general or higher (haha) (he and his family) I have missed greatly being a part of ....I was to be back active soon-I too have been greatly tested and tried-as we will for our Lord. But just because I am not there currently -that is merely a stepping stone to my future and what VP has shown me about me!!! Well thanks for letting me share... always there in prayer and so glad to have been blessed by friends like you!!!! Recently I realized (and it was thru working with Mike and The Virtual Pew) my share and love gift and how many in this world need our light learned from above so I am taking a step further to either go in the ministry full time or go to college and be a counselor etc. etc. -so do be praying for me many need the hope found in him and VP was just one avenue to help show me my purpose and now I transcend it many ways in my personal life-please be praying for me ...THANKS again and the solid foundation working behind the scenes. P.S. Merry Christmas to all-be blessed no matter who you are and stop by and see and read about "The Virtual Pew" friends for life!!----------------- Mary Ellen ~ Kentucky

One thing I'd like to mention during the time I was sharing on the Pew I was in touch with a Jewish man named Aviad Cohen . He was a young musical artist actually starting to get famous-as you will see on his site. Anyhow he was new in Christ -as you may or may not know many Jews do not recognize Christ as we Christians do. Being on the Pew inspired me to really witness to this new baby believer very strong for about a year. Well now he has sang on Christian television, being interviewed by Carmen, has been on countless talk shows and has inspired millions for Christ, in many ways... he is very creative with kids and artists (honestly) many are seeing the true Light of Christ and who knew how we all play a part in this world in the great commission and Mike and the Pew greatly inspired me much!!!!!! Go to his web site and see how he Aviad Cohen has transformed-many have prayed and helped this young man he is a great teacher, soul winner, and musician. Again thanks to the Pew and God for showing me who I am in Him!!!!!!! No matter the cost-Freedom in him is the key and loving God and my neighbor as myself!!!! be blessed ~ Mary Ellen from Kentucky

I got to be a guest on The Virtual Pew several times, so I got to see the impact of this ministry first hand. Mike does a great job of using simple language to reach others with the gospel message.

Kasey Reusser – Wichita

The ministry of the Virtual Pew has helped me tremendously in my walk with the Lord. When I first discovered this group online over a year ago, I was skeptical. An online church seemed a little unorthodox to me. But since I didn't have a home church at the time, I decided to give Mike's group a try. I have not regretted it one day since. The Virtual Pew has challenged me to grow deeper in my faith, to dig into the Bible more than ever before and also to understand that the Church is not a building made with brick or stone, but the Body of Christ loving, supporting and caring for one another. Mike has supported me through various trials and changes in my life and has taught me that sometimes we need to just trust God even when it seems He is far away. Another aspect of the Virtual Pew that keeps me (and I suspect others) coming back is that it is a non-judgmental atmosphere. The Virtual Pew encompasses people who are atheists, seekers, long time believers, and everyone in between. Through open and honest discussion things that I've never heard spoken about in a traditional church are openly discussed and sometimes by people who would never otherwise come near a church. The final thing that I love about the Virtual Pew is that it provides me with somewhat of a church home when I can't make it to my own church now. For the past semester, due to my school schedule, I've had to work every single Sunday morning. Because of the Virtual Pew I was able to have a church experience still during the semester which helped me to feel connected to God. During the college years it’s so easy to get sucked into the drinking and partying lifestyle. But because of Mike and the Virtual Pew I know I have been called to not live and act like that. I will forever be grateful to this group for helping me to grow into the Christian woman God is calling me to be, inspiring me to keep growing, and supporting me through all the challenges that lay ahead. Thank you for your interest in our group. I hope more and more people come and find the Jesus we are so willing to share.

Miss Jenny Baker

The Virtual Pew has provided me with a means to worship were I spend most of my time, and with a ministry that is very down-to-earth.

Like many, a portion of my life includes a good deal of time spent online. I shop, meet friends, and find most of my entertainment online. So, worshiping with others online was a logical step for me.

It was also easy because, although I am a Christian, I have never really felt comfortable in a church. I don't know why really, but I feel a connection with the Virtual Pew. I feel completely comfortable. Mike's messages always seem to hit upon something that I need to hear.

Another thing that has had a big impact is that Mike is not your average minister. He is different. I had always thought that if I was not like every other Christian that there was something wrong with me... maybe this has something to do with my discomfort in church. But finding others who run outside the norm put me instantly at ease. I guess birds of a feather flock together... and I found my flock. ;)


I am James C. Sanford aka "Pastor Jake." I am 73 years old and currently a volunteer pastor at the Ms. State Veterans Home in Collins, Ms.

I first came on the internet in Sept. of 2006. I discovered Mike and The Virtual Pew shortly thereafter. I greatly rejoiced to find someone who was a Christ like minister. Mike is a simple, plain spoken man from the street; caring for the forgotten, speaking a language that all can understand, delivering the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to the unreachable and touching the untouchable with a message of hope. Mike and The Virtual Pew is truly a light in a dark world. God once again has put the gospel in good hands. I love you Mike---keep up the good work.


Pastor Jake

I tend to be a bit cynical due to experiences with the "church". Then I started reading the blogs from the Virtual Pew. I can see that Mike Furches is a genuine guy with a heart for carrying out the Word and taking it to people in need. His sincerity is evident in his words and is eager to meet people where they are in life and share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a way that reaches hearts of those so hardened by this world. I applaud him for his dedication and love for God. His ministry is real.

Lois Snow

I am writing you to let you know how The Virtual Pew as put together by Mike Furches has certainly affected my life.

You see, I am a Goth Writer and music critic. I write music reviews of new albums and band interview questions to propose to various rising acts within the Gothic Rock and Industrial Rock scenes. I’ve been part of this crepuscular scene for the better part of sixteen years and now recently am having my interviews and reviews published internationally. Many people within my subculture find that “Christianity” is a faith based solely on elitist values, judgmental views, and in general are made to feel ostracized and disposable. In short, many are called trash and often never even allowed to enter some churches. Rare though we may be, there are those of us who while residing in and working in the Gothic Rock community who still pursue a faith in Christ. Yet, even then we are considered unsalvageable to the larger Christian culture and community.

Mike’s statement of faith as part of The Virtual Pew is one of acceptance unmatched in the larger Christian community. A rare gem as it were. Where many standing preachers would find reason to berate and belittle prospective members of their congregation on matters of appearance or grooming, Mike conversely opens wide the floodgates to any and all people who are willing to listen regardless of culture or subculture, even finding creative ways to involve outcasts and iconoclasts into the discussion on pop culture. His reviews of Horror Movies I find particularly fascinating as he too also takes the road like me that Horror Movies are not something to be feared but rather are our modern Grimm’s Fairy Tales meant as morality lessons.

I met Mike via myspace while I already had a relationship with my savior and continued to announce myself as a Christian. I have found Mike’s vision to reach out to what many of my other rather bombastic “brothers and sisters” would term unreachable people to be a refreshing sentiment. To know that there are those people still left in the world that see the value in a lost and hurting human heart rather than turn and be disgusted simply by the cut of one’s cloth or the color of their hair, let alone the color of their skin. The Virtual Pew is most certainly a unique outreach to people who otherwise may feel that soapbox preachers, rude comic book tracts, and general ignorance seem to be the normal methods any “Christian” has to express what they can only describe as “love” for their common man. Mike’s definition, my definition, God’s definition, of love is to embrace the value of people. No person, no matter how strange or outcast is ever disposable. There are no “trash people” in God’s eyes or in the message of The Virtual Pew.

I hope this finds you well and I hope that it encourages you in this article you’re putting together. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and Gods peace to you.

Dr. Raven
Gothic Rock Journalist and Writer.

Mike is a straight talker, like Jesus. That's why you like him, and like some were in Jesus' day - you don't know why.

Fred Imel, CPA
Yukon, OK 73099-7501

"I am not a religious person at all, and in fact could fairly be called an atheist. That said, I gladly contribute each year to Pastor Mike and The Virtual Pew because I know that my donation will be used entirely for the betterment of the lives of people in need. Unlike many so-called Christians, Pastor Mike's deeds speak louder than his words."

- Dr. Jack Alkon.
I am a dentist and a volunteer wrestling coach in Connecticut.

"Mike used to write movie reviews for a Christian online magazine I own. His reviews clearly reminded us that God can use secular art forms to illustrate the sacred."

- Jason Mitchener
Author, artist, songwriter, speaker

While many have actually seen this, I realize many others may have not. The following is my story of growing up, it will give you some detail as to why this trip to Tennessee is so important, and an idea of the documetary I want to film. I suspect the documentary will be filmed over the next 4 - 6 months, and will be completed within the year.

Simply click on the following video, if the video don't appear, just click the following link:

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