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The Virtual Pew News #13, Time To Step On A Few Toes and The Virtual Pew Live Radio Program

As many have noticed I have sent out regular emails regarding The Virtual Pew but it has been a while since I sent out a newsletter, with that said. Welcome to The Virtual Pew News #13.
Let me be clear right off the bat, we need your financial help. A number of individuals have promised to help, we are grateful, but we really need it. We have not received any contributions from anyone in 8 weeks. We are down to the last $125 between my checking and savings account and The Virtual Pew account. It has been tough but we are plugging along.

I am so grateful for the help we have received but some made promises and we need them to come through. Some have promised a great deal in the area of helping with this ministry, such as advocating on our behalf in church and business circles. For some, those promises occurred almost a year and a half a go, and reoccurred several times. There are even churches we have ministered and given services at that cost us a great deal in driving to and from and taking care of ourselves that never gave any reimbursement despite promising to give. I have for years given services away and will continue to do so, but if you make a promise to help, please follow through. I really believe some need to hear that when they refuse to do what they said they were going to do, at that point, you become exactly the type of church and organization that turn people away from the Gospel and message of Jesus. How can you expect others to respect you, when you do not honor your word? I have to admit, the largest contributor to this ministry in the last year is an Athiest, for those who call themselves a Christian, or follower of Christ, that should be embarrassing. This individual has indicated to me though, the only Christian ministry they give to is The Virtual Pew because they know we do what we say we will do.

Now I know that is blunt and straightforward. There are several in the situation mentioned above, some churches where I saw people get saved, and others dedicate their life to Christ. There are organizations I have promoted and been a part of for years, been honest and straightforward with, yet they have turned their back on those they are called to serve. Many of those know who they are. As I spend hours upon hours, visiting with, and ministering to a family who has a dying family member, having to pay for gas, not being able to eat or feed my family who may be with me at the hospital, I am a firm believer that calling it like it is, is important. For those who have made promises, your empty words have an impact. I want to be careful here, I'm not talking about those who we have been honored to serve, I am talking about those within the church, and within church organizations who have promised help, and not followed through. Of course anyone who has been helped that can contribute and support what we do, to those I say, Thank You!

Now on the flip side, God is good, and I still know He is going to meet our needs. I know some will see this, and find it in their heart and spirit to support our ministry. A ministry still growing, and doing the things we said we would do.

God is good, and continues to provide, it is sometimes though for our family who has made sacrifice. I just found out today, we are going to be able to short sell our house in Oklahoma and a closing date has been set. What does this mean? Our house in Oklahoma, our dream house we saved and planned for, has had a cash offer made on it while it was in foreclosure and a couple has been approved for the sale. While the house is in foreclosure, we won’t owe any more money on it. Unfortunately, we lost all of the investment we had in the house, approximately $30,000 in equity. We are not complaining, we knew when we made a commitment to ministry, we gave our word to do the ministry God caled us to. We also know when losing this type of investment, when seeing your kids do without, and when having those who are Christians break their word and not be honest, it isn’t always easy.

Not being easy don’t mean it isn’t worth it, and I guess that is part of what I would like to leave today. I could be more blunt about some things and have heard a lot lately about how people shouldn’t complain. I agree with, but it is tricky ground, one has to be careful that they don't imply they don’t care. I will openly state, if you are hurting, if things aren’t right, complain to me, let me know how you feel. Why do I say this? Because I care enough about the souls we are honored to serve to want to be there to help and benefit as we can. While some may accept the everything is wonderful even though I broke my leg mentality, this is a ministry where I hope people know we are real, we are real enough to share the good times as well as the times that suck. I believe this is one of the reasons so many contact us and value what we provide. I know this ministry reaches out to those who have been hurt by the church. It has an impact and a desire to help bring people back to a right, open, and honest relationship with Christ. May we be more like Jesus, and less like the version of Christianity that drives so many away, even the organizations that pretend to take on this popular concept of being different than the traditional church.

Now as to some of the things going on. For those that don’t know, we have ventured into an internet radio program. We are testing one more time, Tuesday, August 14 at 4:00 PM Central before starting our regular programming on Wednesday August 15 at 4:00 PM Central. We will be on weekly for 1 hour and will eventually move to additional days as well as the regular 4:00 PM CTZ slot. Plans are in place to eventually start a Hollywood Jesus Program (within the month) and a regular Wrestling Talk With Mike program, within the next month and a half. These programs will have a dramatic impact and will allow us to have an even broader and more effective ministry.

We continue to hear from individuals on a daily basis, we have established additional methods of contact to provide assistance with these individuals. We can now Instant Message with MySpace members, Yahoo Instant Messenger and MSN Instant Messanger. On the Yahoo Instant Messenger we can receive phone calls into our computer, and make phone calls for 1 cent a minute. We also have a long distance service via our land line where we can make unlimited long distance calls within the United States for no additional charge.

The Virtual Pew Live is a on line radio program that individuals from around the world can listen and call into. We can have upwards of 5 people on the line at any given time. If using Skype of Yahoo services calls into the program will cost approximately 1 cent per minute. If using the chat room at The Virtual Pew Live or an IM services those contacts are free. Those services have already provided invaluable to many needing assistance from The Virtual Pew.

The Virtual Pew continues to minister to The Lost, The Last, and The Least, we continue to move forward having a dramatic impact on the lives of many often neglected and forgotten about, we continue to do this despite the financial difficulty we face. We are working to improve that situation, including doing things like this particular newsletter, and putting together a promotional packet, which costs us approximately $150, that we will take to local churches and denominational organizations to get speaking opportunities. Hopefully many doors will open and we can share our story, and the hope offered by Christ.

Regarding the talk radio program. This is a ministry which will be different. While we will play music on occasion, we want first and foremost to be a place where we can minister to those needing ministry. I have already heard from dozens of people who are grateful this program is being offered. One recently asked, how do we do more? My response is, it isn’t so much doing more, as it is doing what we do more effectively so we can minister to more who need it.

In closing, regarding the program The Virtual Pew Live, we need guests, and we need music with permission to use for bumper and programming. Copyright issues are important so beware of that. We also need better production material. I am really in need of an additional $150 for the phone which would give us a higher quality. I have downloaded some studio software but need better, we will get by with what we have for now. We need guests, and you don’t have to be famous to be a guest, although that don’t hurt. We just want guests who understand what The Virtual Pew is all about, and can share their stories. We simply want to touch people and help them understand that Christ loves them. If you can help share that in a non threatening and loving way, we would love to have you on our program. Of course being interested in the things we do whether agreeing or not would also make interesting programming. It doesn't end there though, I am going to be discussing with a few atheists friends of mine about being on the program.

Please, as a closing note, don’t take this newsletter wrong. I don’t want it to sound like a complaining, upset newsletter. But truth is, if those saying they were going to help, who are Christian, had done what they said they would do, there wouldn’t be a need for this newsletter. I continue to ask, for those that can, we need your support. For those that can’t I understand, I want people to know, this ministry is available whether you can donate or not. I really want it to be like a Pauline ministry, I am open to speaking, sharing, or whatever to get funds to help this ministry along. I thrive at and enjoy those opportunities, many have come through and it is appreciated. I firmly believe that what we do for the dollar is hardly matched by any ministry around. Then again, maybe I am just passionate about what we do, and know from talking to the people I have that we have had a positive impact on the lives of so many.

Blessings, keep in touch, and thanks for being as much like Jesus as possible. Now I have added some other valuable buttons to this that will show up regarding the programming including a button and link to the radio program. Even if you can’t listen live, you can go in and listen to the archives from the program, including the test programs that are currently up. If you want to give, the address is listed below, or you can always click on any of the photographs or donation link below to give online with a check or credit card.

Thanks again, and blessings to you.


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