Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Virtual Pew News #12 A Note From Mary Jane

Hi! My name is Mary Jane Furches and I am the wife of Virtual Pew’s Mike Furches. I don’t get on and write often, but I do keep up with all that is going on with The Virtual Pew ministry. As a matter of fact, I have been more involved this summer in trying to get Mike booked into various places to speak and share. I am the “behind the scenes” person so to speak.

I am writing this letter to give you a report and up-date of The Virtual Pew’s ministry and fill you in on some of the needs we have. If you have been actively involved in reading Mike’s daily blogs and participating in discussions, you should know that Mike does not solicit support often. As a matter of fact, it is something he really doesn’t like to do. That’s why I am the one writing this letter, at my own suggestion, may I add.

The Virtual Pew is continually ministering to people from all walks of life. Mike stays busy writing daily blogs, responding to messages he receives, and answering questions people have. For example, just the other day he was exchanging messages with one of our soldiers in Iraq while they were under attack! The following are some responses he received just yesterday after people read his blog.

“Can I tell you something? I am sometimes afraid to put my beliefs out there...afraid of being judged...and my friend Darinda aka In turth there is Love...she said whatever God puts on your heart is what he wants us to do and not to be ashamed of what we believe or of him before no I go ahead and allow him to lead me and I want to thank you for "getting me" and what I am saying on your blog!"

“I hope you know that you are not alone -- there are others of us that believe as you do. For a long time, I thought I was a "freak of nature" because my beliefs, my personal knowledge, of God didn't jive with what I was being told in my local church. It's because of what I was told and how I was treated for being "unique" that led to my disdain for modern organized religion. Church folks didn't want "individuals", they wanted "clones". That's why I think that your Virtual Pew ministry is so important -- there's others like me and you."

Sometimes ministry moves from the computer to phone conversations. Mike has spoken on several occasions with people contemplating suicide. Through his counseling, they did not follow-through with those feelings. Other conversations may center on family problems and relationships. It’s really amazing how God is using technology to reach people and even more is the fact that many times the daily blog reaches someone for whom that little message is just what they needed!

The bottom line is that this ministry needs some financial support to keep it going. Mike and I do not like having to ask for monetary support, but there comes a time when we really need it to keep this ministry going. Some of the expenses we have monthly are the internet bill, which is $34.95 and our phone bill. We did switch to unlimited long distance on our land-based phone because Mike’s cell phone is pre-paid card and all the calls he was receiving out-weighed the number of minutes available. When we did the figuring, it was cheaper to go unlimited long distance, which also helps with trying to get bookings. This increased our phone bill by $25.00 more monthly. He will still keep the cell for emergencies when he is on the road. He has been invited to speak at the Mennonite Church USA National Convention in San Jose, CA on July 6. While there is no monetary compensation for this trip, he is hoping to make valuable contacts for future speaking engagements. We are hoping that we can “break even” on this trip next week. He also has a web page which is being designed and will be completed in the near future and that cost will be a minimum of $200.00. There was also recently $300 which was provided to needy wrestlers in the form of Wrestling Scholarships and help provided others who have various needs at times. This ministry is Mike’s main source of income. Every penny that comes in to The Virtual Pew goes into this ministry and his support.

We would appreciate any financial support you could send and would enjoy opportunities for ministry in your area. Mike is not limited to speaking in churches. He speaks in various other venues: prisons, jails, rescue missions, homeless shelters, local mental health associations, drug rehab centers, and others as well as being a motivational speaker at corporations and conferences. While living in Tulsa, he was the #1 speaker for the United Way fundraising campaign.

For more information go to . Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers for the ministry that is taking place!

If you are willing to help support this ministry you can contribute via credit card or check on line at the following link:

You can also mail donations to:
The Virtual Pew
P.O. Box 17731
Wichita KS 67217

Thanks and God Bless,

Mary Jane

Now while I realize many may not read the following because it is routine, or may not have checked out the links in the past, I ask you to check them out now. See for yourself the work the ministry of The Virtual Pew is doing. Then after review, tell me that it isn’t deserving of the support and prayers we ask for.

Sometimes we feel like One Tin Soldier. With a little bit of help we can all accomplish great things, we know The Virtual Pew can as well, in fact we already have. The following video illustrates how we can overcome great difficulties.

If you see the video double click on it, if you don't just click the link provided.

Click here for booking information to have Pastor Mike come speak or perform, from speaking to music or magic, something for all groups.

Click to visit with Pastor Mike regarding any of your needs. He will respond to each request personally, and if need be refer you to one of our other pastors.

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Now for those that do not know, make sure you check out the numerous articles and blogs by checking out the archives. If visiting The Virtual Pew or MySpace they are archived on the left hand side of the page. Scroll down to where you see newer or older listed under archives and then click there. There are hundreds of postings so make sure to check out the archives.

You can visit and on the front page down on the left side you sill see our store. Your purchase provides needed funds to The Virtual Pew. If you do not see something to purchase you can click on the search engine, (do not put anything in the search box at this time). You will be taken to Amazon where you can search for anything you desire. Hopefully you will consider a gift to The Virtual Pew.

Now I get asked this quite often, Can we repost your blogs or articles? The short answer to that is, what an honor that you would ask, and by all means, spread the word.

Here is our contact information
The Virtual Pew
P.O. Box 17731
Wichita, KS 67217

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Mike Furches & The Virtual Pew said...

Thanks for the link, look through other blogs and post wherever you want. I often talk about this and certainly address this group of folks. Again, thanks.