Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Virtual Pew News #14, Update, Radio, Be in a Movie and More.

I recently did a video tribute to Big Brother 8. I know many have likely seen the television show but I have been pleasantly surprised at the response the tribute video has gotten from various Christian groups, and Big Brother fans. The video is a subtle attempt to simply show people that Jesus loves all people, even people like the Donatos, the family who won Big Brother 8 USA this year. You can check out the video at the following url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64Q5lV7EJlo The video is also at God Tube and MySpace Videos. It has been listed on various Big Brother groups around the country, thankfully by many who are Big Brother fans. Stay tuned through the end of the video, it actually has footage and a comment after the credits.

Additional big news is the radio program to air on Wednesday, September 19, at 5 PM EST, 4 PM CST, 3 PM MST, and 2 PM PST. The program will have me discussing Christianity with two Atheists, Dr. Jack Alkon, and Scott Gallan. It will be an attempt for those of faith to learn from Atheists as to why they believe they do. I have already received hundreds of comments and emails about this show which will air nationally at www.blogtalkradio.com/thevirtualpew For those that can’t listen live, you will be able to listen to the archives. The radio program is developing quite nicely with hundreds of listeners each week and the program growing from week to week. Some of the upcoming guests are rather astonishing from Sigmund Brouwer who coauthored the book Fuse of Armageddon with Hank Hanegraaff to Creston Mapes popular top selling Christian author of various books including Full Tilt, and Dark Star. Listen in weekly, and if unable to listen live check out the archives. Currently the archives include filmmakers The Brothers Williamson makers of the upcoming documentary Rebellion of Thought, and Benny Logos of Benny Logos and the Verses talking about his Scripture music.

The Virtual Pew has also started as of recent Daily Bible Verses and A Daily Passage that will assist in people reading through their Bible in a year. We are using the Contemporary English Version for that since so many of our visitors have little or no knowledge of Bible translations. The CEV allows people to read in a style they can understand. So far the response to that from Hollywood Jesus, The Virtual Pew, and MySpace has been very positive. Hopefully as people go through their readings they will be able to ask questions and I along with Pastor Dave and others will try to answer the questions people bring up. You can see these readings by going to http://www.thevirtualpew.com/ and clicking on the message forums. The daily readings are listed under the Bible Study forums. While there, bookmark the page and sign up to be a member of The Virtual Pew. We can always use new members and we value the input from all that contribute.

I continue to do ministry with individuals and on line. I continue to need bookings to speak in various churches, locations and so forth. Truth is, money is very tight but I keep on keeping on. Without your contributions we can’t continue the ministry we do. From counseling on line to in person, to assisting and helping individuals who are in need of various ministry, whether help with drug addictions, or simply someone who is not currently walking with God. Those needs and requests continue to come in on a daily basis, and without your help, it wouldn’t be possible. As of recent, in the last 3 months, less than $1,000 has come in. Almost $600 of that came from speaking engagements. I still have bills and expenses, and I still need your help. I ask you to look at this as an extension of ministry, even a mission ministry if you will. There is no shortage of need, but I assure you, a shortage of funds unless God’s people are obedient and support ministries like this. Simply put, we need your help, and we need your help now. No gift is too small and you can give on line or via mail.

If giving on line click this link: http://www.furches.org/donations/index.html

If giving via mail, make check payable to The Virtual Pew and mail to the following address:

The Virtual Pew
P.O. Box 17731
Wichita KS, 67217

A side note for those who may be interested. I have a friend who is a movie maker, a quite good movie maker at that named Jimi Petulla. Jimi made the film Reversal that some of you may be aware of. He has asked for my assistance in the following way:

I wanted to get you help if possible. I am doing a new documentary, it’s called:
"The New World Order Survival Guide” How to Stop the Enemies of America from destroying our country, freedom, and values.

We are looking to interview a BIG NAME Christian whose appearance in our film will catch the interest of hundreds of thousands of Christians. We were thinking of someone like Jack Van Impe, or Pat Robertson but they might be too big to get.

The Christian guest would have to believe of course in The New World Order, the destruction of our borders, etc.

If anyone fits the criteria and is interested in appearing in this film, let me know ASAP so I can pass along the information to Jimi. I am not endorsing the movie, or even the concept, but passing along the information to those on my list who may be interested, or know of someone who is.

Thanks for reading, listen in to The Virtual Pew live, and thanks for supporting this ministry both in prayer and finance.

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